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Its been a while since i posted any reviews from Nostrum so here is another from the Matinee opening at Space

First off, I have been a huge matinée fan for a few years already and my heart was bleeding when the new clubs opening hours were confirmed. To me, matinée was the best daytime party in space by miles. But after grieving, my positive thinking came back. First, I knew matinée group are doing many really successful nighttime parties in Barcelona as well (that’s their homebase anyway). Second, Matinée is a very well-known brand in Ibiza by now and third, Saturdays nights in Ibiza have never been the strongest nights. So I really expected Matinée also to work night time. Speaking about nighttime, it doesn’t start at night. And here’s where my review starts…

When I drove past space for the first time yesterday just before 6pm (and thus just before they opened), already many people were waiting in front of the doors. The inflatable matinée thingy welcomed the partygoers as every year and the sun was shining – horrayy! i was still busy though. When I drove past the second time, at 8pm, there were huge queues in front of space, the parking was already full and I kept getting messages from my friends saying “come quick, the sunset terrace is in full swing already”. I did hurry up, but still I didn’t make it to space before 10:30pm. So I missed the “bright hours” – everyone who was there before me said they were really really cool and I definitely do believe them.

So when I finally got in, I directly headed to the sunset terrace to enjoy the last 90 minutes of sunset terrace feeling. In a way, it’s a bit like “We Love” now – just with matinée music and a bit different folks (better in my opinion)! In this session until midnight, I heard nalin & kane’s “beachball” (the original version), then a new remix of faithless’ “Insomnia”, another new remix from “people from Ibiza” and “otherside” (by RHCP). Just before midnight, the sunset terrace closed with the new remix of Fragma’s “Tocas Miracle” – one of the biggest tunes around at the moment and it got played 2 or 3 times more that night in different floors. Speaking about floors, ALL floors were open for matinée. Which means the sunset terrace (till midnight), then the discoteca, the main terrace and also the smaller rooms such as the red box, el salon and also premier etage! The two main dance floors after midnight (main terrace and discoteca) were really busy and the smaller rooms were more chilled. But come mid-july, I expect matinée to be almost the same as We Love when it comes to how busy it will be!

We stayed most on the main terrace, but also in the discoteca for a bit. It was really a great matinée night with a lot of matinée classics being dropped and people going big everywhere generally…I remember a lot of the tunes that were played out…Shine on me (2007 Matinée hymn), Silence (by Delirium, the new remix), Knights of the Jaguar (the original and a newer, harder version, which was the last tune being dropped in the morning on main terrace), Automatic, break the house down, 9 moons (by lemonade market – matinée hymn 2006), Closer to Me (by chab), then a house remix of “personal jesus”, then “trippin’”, a remix of the doors’ “this is the end”, children (by Robert miles, also a new remix), professional widow, free, the old original version of BBE’s “7 days and one week” (goosebumps because of so many old time memories), a rocking remix of “just a little more love”, more matinée tunage with “heart of the sun”, “bullet in a gun”…and save the best for the rest – New Order’s “blue Monday” and Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence”. WHOA!

When the music stopped at about 6:30am, it was already bright again outside and we welcomed another sunny Sunday in Ibiza…what a party! You do have to change your mind regarding matinée being only a daytime thing (because it’s simply not anymore), but if you do that, then you still will have an absolutely great time at matinée! Together with amnesia’s “people from ibiza”, this will be this summer’s Saturday night thing – fact.

queues at 8pm

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