Miracle of Love

L'ultimo capolavoro di Dj Tikaro nel remix della traccia di Tikaro e Silva feat. Clarence, "Miracle of love", lo potete ascoltare su www.matineegroup.com . Il governo regionale della Catalonia ha deciso di tenere traccia di tutti i club afterhours (quelli , come il souvenir, che fanno ballare i giovani spagnoli e di tutto il mondo dalle 7 del mattino alle tre del pomeriggio)…

"The regional government of Cataluña has decided to give recognition to afterhours clubs in the new bill for the "Shows and Recreational Activities Act". Matinée Group has been petitioning for this since the group was founded.

Now more than ever before we must carry on fighting for venues like Souvenir, which apart from offering the best music and atmosphere, guarantee safety and security for all those who go there; promoting responsible driving with a bus service, providing free water for everyone at the end of the night, informing clubbers about the risks of taking drugs and offering a full and true morning session experience.

Once again Matinée Group wishes to condemn and distance itself from venues which offer low quality and which do not look after their guests.

Matinée Group takes this opportunity to congratulate the “Plataforma Pro-Afters” group which is fighting this cause, and to thank our faithful clubbers for their loyalty and for demanding only the very best so that our top-quality venues continue to go from strength to strength.

Today is a day to celebrate our achievements and to celebrate, like never before, the success of SOUVENIR.  "


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